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BOLT Amplification

With the ability to get almost any tone from
any style amp, and easy to "dial" in controls,
These new boutique amps are taking the
world by storm. 
Proudly made in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Played by artists and virtuoso guitarists
Johnny Hiland and Steve Rutledge.
Adam Wakeman, keyboardist and guitarist
with Ozzy Osborne. Jeff King,
and  even our own Forrest Lee Jr.
For a complete list of all the amps and options,
please visit the Bolt Website.
Please give us a call, we would love to come
to  your music store and give a demonstration.
Maybe even have Forrest Lee Jr do a FREE 
guitar clinic.



Morpheus DROP TUNE Pedal

Morpheus BOMBER Pedal

It's Like having an extra 12 frets LOWER.
you can even play the octave lower and the original
signal for great solo effects. Polyphonic so you can
play chords and rhythm. Tune your guitar in 1/2 step
increments lower. Perfectly in tune with no "warble".
With the octave lower, its like having a baritone guitar
and being able to pedal between the octaves.
This is a hot new item, and an incredible musical tool.


This is an incredible tool, and it's also a LOT of fun
to play with. Polyphonic tone bending up 2 octaves,
or down to the bottom for amazing dive bomb effects.
 It's like having a virtual whammy bar
but it does so much more. This is a pitch bending
machine. Whole chords bend perfectly!
You can even simulate pedal steel type bends, and 
slide guitar with this amazing new product.


Morpheus CAPO Pedal

Motion Sound Rotary Cabinets

A Capo that doesn't "pull" your guitar out of tune.
Will tune the guitar up 3 1/2 steps in 1/2 step increments.
and simulates a 12 sting as well.
Extremely handy tool for touring bands that need
a 12 string sound, or a mandolin sound, with one guitar.


Used by such artists as The Dave Mathews Band, Steve Winwood, Coco Montoya, Joey DeFrancesco
and Dwight Yoakam.
Since 1994 MOTION SOUND™ has been developing and manufacturing
its successful line of premium keyboard amplification with the focus on innovation, quality, reliability and tone.
Fore a complete list of Motion Sound products, please visit the link below.


Forrest Custom Guitars

We specialize in custom guitar building,  B and G bender installations, and custom finished guitar parts.
We have Paisley designs in colors never imagined. They really have to be seen and played in person to truly appreciate the craftsmanship invested in each and every guitar. 
Please visit the Forrest Custom Guitar Website for more information. And please visit the Artists Page. Our guitars are on the road with some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Bender Installation
  • Custom B Benders
  • Custom G Benders

Custom Paint Designs

  • Almost any color paisley you can imagine
  • Your own custom graphics directly applied to the guitar body.

Guitar Tone Woods

  • Light Swamp Ash
  • Light Sugar Pine
  • Super Light Paulownia
  • Light Mahogany
  • Alder
  • Poplar

Windsor Stage Stringers

Jeff Callahan Pickups

A Must Have Item for all Touring Musicians and Music Venues.
Windsor Stage Stringers can be custom assembled to your specifications
Available in single and multiple 20 circuits and 110/208 3/phase, 20and 30Amp.
Made in the USA in Sheridan Wyoming
The Stage Stringer pictured is assembled complete with the following components:
55’= 12/3 SOOW cord
3= #3L-D Windsor feed through outlet boxes
1= #2L-D Windsor dead end outlet box
8= Hubbell HBL5352BK Black duplex receptacles ( 2 per outlet box)
1= Hubbell 5266-CM2 Black Entertainment cord plug
25’ feeder cable to first outlet box, 10’ between outlet boxes
All components are spec. grade (industrial) $360
For More Information, or to order one today, please call us.
Classic Designs using M7 or CK12 capsules
for the tone of the classic mics used for years on countless
artists, and millions of records.
The guitar pickup pictured was designed
by Forrest Lee Jr and Jeff Callahan.
Forrest wanted a pickup with even tone
and came up with the idea of using
1/4" alnico 3 magnets for the E and A
strings, a 3/16" alnico 3 magnet for the D 
string that is .030" higher.
And 3/16" alnico 2 magnets for the G, B and
little E strings. They are scatter wound to 8.12k
and produce a slightly hotter output that standard
pickups, with and even snappy but smooth tone.
We have "Nashville" sets, and also a brand new
design for coil tapping, to get an even hotter
tone, by tapping the coil for more output.